Sail Material

The SunSquare triangular SQ series are stunning textile architecture, and their ability to protect from both the sun and the rain is especially useful in commercial applications. A passing rain shower can spell disaster for a busy hotel restaurant with alfresco dining; with a SunSquare sail canopy, the hotel could avoid the cost and disruption that inevitably ensue. An extremely hot day can be equally problematic, and a patio sun canopy that allows the air to freely circulate as well as providing effective shade can make the difference.

Awning-sails used for protection against both sun and rain are made in Sattler 321 or Soltis W96 fabric. Awning-sails for protection against the sun alone are made in Soltis 86 or Soltis 92 netting. The awning-sail in Sattler 321 or Soltis W96 fabric provides excellent protection against rain if it is inclined properly. The cut of the sail can be also radial with different shapes.

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