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About us

Our promise

Artesun is a supplier of custom-made  sunsails. Artesuns electric retractable awnings transform any outdoor space into an architectural space. The technology used for our sunails is highly advanced. The materials are of the best quality and can adapt to any situation.


Our retractable awnings are solid, stylish and equipped with spring systems that are highly resistant to wind and weather. On this site you will find various photos, demonstrations and explanations of our retractable awning systems. To learn more or to inquire about the possible installation of shade sails on the terrace of your villa, restaurant or hotel, do not hesitate to contact us.

Artesun - Supplier of custom-made retractable sunsails and awnings offer you a quality guarantee. All our sunsails are approved by Sunsquare France.

Our philosophy

Art and Technology

SunSquare sails and awnings from Artesun are more than simple sails. Each element is individually adapted to the needs of the customer and the peculiarities of the construction. Whether for houses equipped with design outdoor furniture the likes ofn'Dedon', or swimming pools in public spaces - shade sails are architectural elements. They metamorphe into tangible architecture for the shade.

Squaring the circle

Perfect technology is sometimes not enough to meet the highest demands of design and vice versa.

Here, SunSquare enters the scene and manages to form the square of the circle. Perfect technique and an elegant look.

Sunsquare sails from Artesun are made to measure. Each client is unique and that is why we put a lot of individual and precise effort into every project.

Research &

A bespoke design. We meet your technical and visual needs thanks to a shade architecture designed by professionals.

Our Portfolio:

  • Our own engineering department to meet your specific requests

  • A workshop specializing in the creation of technical parts from noble metals

  • 16 years of experience in the solar sail sector

  • Exceptional know-how and perfect integration of our products with different styles of architecture

  • A team of qualified technicians able to perform all integration tasks (masonry, craftsmanship, customization)

  • A multilingual team with experience of projects carried out all over Europe

  • The guarantee of optimal planning and integration


If you are looking for a custom sunsail, Artesun offers you its professional services:

  • Terrace & Garden Sun Protection

  • Advice and technical support on site

  • Personalized consulting

  • Photo simulation (2D and 3D) 

  • CAD and CAS planning

  • Use of HILTI solutions during integration

  • After-sales service and maintenance of your custom sunsail

Contact us


+33 (0) 4922 872 88

+33 (0) 614 314 006



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